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Izuminokami Kanesada

"I'm the sword famous for having been used by Hijikata Toshizou, Izuminokami Kanesada. Even so, I was created not by the highly regarded second generation Kanesada, but by the eleventh or twelfth generation. Well, that was the beginning of the end of the samurai era. I've got no complaints about being born."

Izuminokami Kanesada
Theme Song

A beautiful and fine uchigatana sword was forged in 1867 CE, with a beautiful phoenix peacock marking on it's stunning scarlet red sheathe along with a floral art. As referenced and similar to Hijikata Toshizo's wakizashi, Horikawa Kunihiro. Izuminokami was fine work of a Kanesada by the eleventh or twelfth generation. But even so, he was only with Hijikata for a short time, by time he knew it, the age of swords ended and he became a sword representing the end of the age of swords and become the beginning of a new era. Famous, beautiful and cool, he holds the title. He was put in a display as a memento. After being brought to life by the sage, he's immediately greeted by his partner and assistant, he wouldn't want to be separated away from Horikawa.

Name: Izuminokami Kanesada
Nickname: Kane-san, Kanesada, Izumi
Age: 1
Forged: 1867
Gender: No Gender, Male Preferably
Height: 186cm
Role: Vice Commander

Personality & Traits: Emotionally Unstable, Mentally Weak, Physically Strong, Short-Tempered/Argumentative, Childish, Loyal, Lazy ( Household Chores ), Prideful, Rebellious Against What's Opposed, Sullen, Reckless, Inexperienced, Dangerous, Stubborn, Youthful, Naive


• Enjoys writing and drawing arts, though he's not good at it time to time but yet he's proud of his work

• Did you know he has a lot of gold? They're gifts from his master, being spoiled by them

• Because of his anger issues, he tends to trash around the place and cause a mess. Worse extent is hurting people physically

• He's extremely bright and optimistic in battle, yet he's the type to be lazy and avoid chores, even sleeping until afternoon or running away from it

• His soul is a child. The adult body outside suffers from age regression. It's not a mistake made by the sage's power when giving him a physical form

• The Phoenix represents rising from the ashes as a symbol of rebirth and eternal life. The classical, mythical imagery and symbolism of resurrection, of life reborn anew and transformed. As he is sword of a new era

• The Peacock side represents his pride and beauty, especially since he's a show-off. Especially since peacocks have a high temper

• Since he was born it was mostly during a violent time so he mostly remembers less good memories and mostly fire, canons and guns

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