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Digital 2D Fanart, Chibi, Icon, Printing, Badges, Stickers, Sprites, Design or Anything to Be Used with Mixed Medias Such as Sketch, Line-art, Watercolor, Flat Color, Shaded


Digitally Hand-Drawn Frames for Anime Style Animations, Loop Animations, Idle Loop, Game Animation, Animated Art, GIFs and more! Available in Cel-Shaded, Rendered, Flat Color, Line-art & Sketch


Buy yourself several bases for you to customize yourself! Featuring several, bases, YCHs and adopts. Some might be limited time only!


Discover our fun and creative sticker collection! Perfect for personalizing your laptop, water bottle, or notebook. High-quality and unique designs to express your style. Shop now and start customizing!

Wall Art

Transform your space with our stunning wall art collection! Featuring high-quality prints of your favorite characters and scenes, these pieces add style and personality to any room. Shop now to find the perfect art for your walls!


Upgrade your wardrobe with our unique clothing collection! Featuring stylish designs inspired by your favorite characters and trends. Shop now to express your fandom in style!

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Cropping Chart















Two Types: Humanoid & Animalistic

How To Order

Order Commission by Contact

1. Contact Zelvof by Mail, Instagram or Discord: @zelvof

2. You'll be guided on providing details

3. Discuss payment methods and when to pay 

4. Process starts, you'll be updated time to time on progress

5. You'll receive the final product!

Contactless Ordering for Commission & Prints

1. View products and press buy now

2. Give info on your order by filling the form's options

3. Proceed to checkout, fill out your payment info

4. Order will be processed and you'll be updated time to time on progress

5. You'll receive your order!


This only applies to commission orders. Printing orders can only be paid full upfront when you choose to buy which only accepts card or Paypal

Supported Payment Square.png

 Payment Methods

  • Credit/Debit Card

  • PayPal ( Primary )

  • Ko-Fi

  • Discord Nitro

  • Gift Cards or Programs

Currency: All Prices are in USD, you can convert any other currencies into USD if you do not have dollars

Time of Payment: You can choose to pay on the date you ordered or on a later date

Ways of Paying: ( Applies to Direct Contact and Contactless )

  • Full Upfront or After Draft

  • Partial Upfront then After Draft

  • Not Accepting Full or Partial After Final Product


  • Personal or Commercial Use

  • Humans, Real Figures, Kemonomimi

  • Anthropomorphic ( Furry )

  • Creature/Animal

  • Fantasy, Armor, Mecha

  • Mythological or Sea Creatures

  • Cultural Aesthetics

  • Complex Details

  • LGBTQ ( Gay, Lesbian, etc. )

  • Slight GORE/NSFW ( Blood, Kissing, etc. )

  • Describing Reference without Images

  • Process or Edit Others Work ( Coloring Given Line-art, etc. )

  • Deadlines Less than 1w, Pay for Faster Delivery If So



  • Long Term Projects ( multiple comic pages, lengthy animations, etc. )

  • NSFW ( sexual activities, extremely suggestive, nudity of sexual organs )

  • Gore ( exposed insides, extremely violated/mutilated/disfigured )

  • NFT Use ( Non-Fungible Tokens, reselling/distributing to many owners )

  • Political Themes/Hateful Content ( racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. )

  • Tracing or using materials that isn't yours or not have permission to use

Don't See Something Specific Listed Here? Feel Free to Ask!

Final Product

  • Sent by Mail, Direct Message or in a Google Drive Folder.

  • Use the unwatermarked version for non-public use.

  • Repost the watermarked version if you're going to feature it publicly

  • Includes the product, a watermarked, unwatermarked & transparent version of it and all of the project file(s) Suggest keeping project files if you want editing, refinement or huge updates in the future.

  • Physical products are all handled by Printful and will be shipped to you accordingly.

Turnaround Time

The turnaround timing for commissions can change due to other client orders and schedules being filled. Order tracking is constantly updated via direct message and mail. Printing orders are handled automatically by Printful.

2D Animation
Puppet Animation
Model Rigging
10m - 1h+
1h - 3h+
1h - 3h+
3 - 8h
3 - 5d
30m - 1h+
10- 20m+
1 - 3h
1 - 3h
10 - 30m+
30m - 1h+
10 - 50m+
1 - 3h

Terms of Service

Agreement Overview

This document constitutes a legally binding contract between you, the Client (referred to herein as "Buyer" or "Owner"), and Zelvof, the Service Provider (referred to herein as "Seller" or "Producer"), governing the commissioning of artwork, animations, or related services (referred to herein as "commissioned product"). By engaging in the commission process, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined herein. Failure to adhere to these terms may result in penalties or termination of services.


These terms are subject to change and that clients should review them periodically for updates.


  1. Client (Buyer & Owner): Refers to you, the individual or entity commissioning the artwork and retaining ownership rights.

  2. Service Provider (Seller & Producer): Refers to Zelvof, the artist or entity providing the commissioned services.

  3. Product (Commissioned Product): Refers to the artwork, animation, or related services created as per the commission agreement.

  4. Parts/Process: Refers to the various stages involved in the creation of the commissioned product, including sketching, line-art, coloring, and any additional processes outlined in the commission agreement.


Both the client and the service provider hold rights to the commissioned product. While the client retains ownership, it is important to acknowledge the service provider's creative contributions and rights to the product. In the event of unauthorized or illegal actions, both parties will collaborate to protect the integrity of the commissioned product. Therefore, the client exclusively owns the product but recognizes the service provider as the producer who invested effort and skill in its creation. The client agrees not to claim sole ownership or distribute the commissioned product to third parties without proper authorization.


  • Commercial Use: Refers to any use of the commissioned product for profit or potential profit, including research, by public or private entities. If the client intends to monetize the product or generate profit from its use, an additional fee for commercial usage is required. This allows the client to sell, advertise, monetize, and utilize the commissioned product while ensuring that ownership is not transferred to another party.

  • Personal Use: Denotes usage that is not primarily intended for commercial advantage or monetary compensation by an individual or organization. The client is permitted to use the service provider's work for personal enjoyment or non-commercial sharing, provided that such usage does not conflict with the legitimate interests of the Service Provider.


The client and service provider agree not to disclose any personal information or sensitive data to the public. If the product did not receive permission from the client to be shared publicly for feature showcases, the service provider will not share it under any circumstances and will keep it private. If permission is granted, the client's name will be credited as their given name, nickname, or organization/company name, or it can be replaced with "anonymous" if preferred.

Additionally, the service provider does not collect or store any personal payment information, such as passwords or credentials. All payment transactions are securely handled through PayPal or other trusted payment platforms, ensuring the client's payment details remain confidential and protected.


Upon sharing the product publicly, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes, the client is obligated to include a watermark representing the service provider to deter theft and unauthorized use. The non-watermarked version of the product may only be utilized for incorporating elements into other products, such as game elements, video assets, or printed materials. However, the client is encouraged to add the watermark to these derivatives where feasible. In cases where the service provider is authorized to publicly showcase the product, they will ensure that both their watermark and the client's watermark or name are prominently featured. Proper crediting, including both parties and their respective watermarks, is mandatory wherever the product is posted or shared.


Fixes, updates, or adjustments for completed commissions ordered by the client are available at any time, even for older commissions. However, if the product necessitates access to project files, the client must possess them; otherwise, the service provider can only accommodate minor adjustments for image products. Major updates require payment from the client, while minor changes are provided free of charge.


The client is required to remit payment to the service provider within the agreed-upon timeframe. Failure to communicate regarding payment may result in automatic cancellation of the order within a week. Payment terms and schedules must always be discussed and agreed upon by both parties. The service provider accepts full payment upfront, partial payment upfront, or payment upon receipt of a draft. Unwatermarked progress updates are provided to clients who have paid for their work; however, if full payment has not been received, the final product will not be delivered. Unwatermarked updates are provided for paid orders, while watermarked progress updates are provided for unpaid portions of the process to prevent potential scams. The service provider will not proceed with orders that remain unpaid during the draft phase and will not deliver a complete product for orders that have not been paid in full.


Regarding printed products, full payment, including product and shipping costs, is required upon checkout. This payment process is managed automatically by Printful, not by Zelvof.


Clients will be invoiced for each phase of the product(s) processing in commissions. If a part of the product has been completed and paid for, refunds will not be issued for the completed portions. However, if a part of the product remains incomplete despite payment, the client will receive a refund for the unfinished portions. Full refunds will not be issued once the product has been completely delivered. In summary, clients are eligible for refunds only for incomplete portions of the product. If a client is dissatisfied with the progress or delivery of the product(s), refunds will not be issued. As stated previously, payment is made for work completed and in progress.

As for printed products, Zelvof is not responsible for managing refunds. Printful handles all refund inquiries. Although it is highly encouraged that you write to Zelvof if you're returning an item. Please refer to Printful's refund policy for more information.

The return address of your store is by default Printful’s and is based on where your package was fulfilled. Please note that these addresses are ONLY for product returns.

  • Packages sent out from our US and Mexico facilities are returned to 11201 Ed Brown Rd, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28273.

  • Packages sent out from our facility in Canada are returned to Unit 3, 3500 Laird Rd, Mississauga, ON L5L 5Y4, Canada.

  • Packages sent out from our Latvian facilities are automatically returned to Plienciema 5, Marupe, Marupes novads, LV-2167, Latvia.

  • Packages sent out from our Spanish facility are automatically returned to Travessía Prat de la Riba, 91-95, 08849 Sant Climent de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain.

  • Packages fulfilled by our partner facilities in Australia are returned to 40 Tanimbla Street, Kedron, Queensland 4031, Australia (apparel orders); 338 Albert St, Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia (non-apparel orders, except for phone cases); 6 Axis Crescent, Dandenong South VIC 3175, Australia (phone cases).

  • Packages fulfilled by our partner facilities in Japan are returned to Komiyaji 817-3, Shinwamachi, Amakusa, Kumamoto prefecture, 863-0101 Japan (apparel orders); Ibe 15, Kunogi, Nakanoto, Kashima, Ishikawa prefecture, Japan 929-1801 (non-apparel orders).

  • Packages fulfilled by our partner facility in Brazil are returned to Rodovia Santos Dumont, 4791 (Antigo KM 3,5), Armazém 111, Galpão 02, Empreendimento Caxias Park. Parque Paulista. CEP 25251-460. Duque de Caxias - RJ, Brasil.


The commissioned product is delivered via the communication channel agreed upon by both parties, such as email, social media chat, or any other mutually agreed method. If there are any issues or concerns regarding the commissioned product, further discussion can be conducted through the same communication channel.


For printed products, all shipping and product quality matters are managed automatically by Printful. Zelvof does not oversee any orders, including shipping and product quality upon delivery. In case of any damage or shipping-related issues, please refer to Printful's return policy or contact their customer service.

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