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City from Below

Perpetual Pilgrimage

"Redemption is not a destination, it's a journey."

Imagine a world, maybe a universe, where you can be anything you want. A place where everyone is unique and different in many ways. Endless possibilities from new technology taking over the market and advancing our world, to society having new their unique and powerful abilities, the evolution of living beings progressing more, your imagination may be true in this world. The moment you enter, take a look at yourself and others. Now go out there and explore the endless possibilities to Neverend!


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Production: Pheaconix Studios

Direction: Zelvof & Demosticat

Status: Planning

Genre: Hybrid, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Drama

Theme: We want to teach the audience about life and all of it's positivity and negativity. Following the perspective of our protagonist and the characters we meet will all be relatable and teach us something that needs to be acknowledged. This is based off experienced and something the creator wishes to put out to help those who are having hard times and comfort them with these characters. We also want to make it entertaining to make the audience enjoy every moment of it and in the end, be inspired or educated.

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