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Time Retrograde Army

Grungy Paper

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:bone: **Retrograde Enemies & Creatures**

> Due to the Retrograde Enemies losses, overtime they slowly find ways to evolve. So years of passing they create viruses, dark magic, new forms or anything really that can be used to attack the Toudans and improve their ways.


> So new creatures that have been formed exist. Their strength is determined by their aura, size, characteristics, rank and color. Other appearance can be used to determine their strength.

:rainbow: **Color** *( Including Aura )*

They are mostly dark and grayscale colors such as gray, white and black and contain a one or two primary or secondary color. Their aura can also be colored or simply neutral colors.

> :XTurquoise: :XSkyBlue: Blue/Turquoise = **The Strongest** ( Known as Kebishii )

> :XRed: :XSaffron: Orange/Yellow = **Very Strong**

> :XDarkOrchid: :XFrostbite: Purple/Magenta = **Neutral**

> :XMediumAquamarine: :XGreen: Green/Dark Green = **Extremely Weak** ( Some Can Be Strong ( The Kunai )

:drop_of_blood: **Characteristics**

How they act can be differenced. Majority are mindless killers and get on with their tasks like mindless puppets. Some actually have minds to think for themselves. They're all unable to speak and communicate so they are silent but mostly growl and sound like monsters/beasts. Some also may have some unique abilities, example the spider like creature that can shoot cobwebs at their prey. The Grades below can be one or two grades meaning they have multiple/mixed characteristics:

> **Grade A** = **Neutral**: Able to carry on their task and avoid doing anything that'll lead to failure or death of one's self ( Dying in Vain or Dying to Stupid Causes )


> **Grade B** = **Mindless**: They just move and live but can be dumb to even carry their task, might even die due to stupid causes


> **Grade C** = **Violent**: Would attack anything on sight and has extreme bloodlust, their job is mostly to kill. Some could be smart to know what they're doing or be mindless killers


> **Grade D** = **Clever**: Their main focus is to make sure their task is being carried out and they are smart enough to find their ways around anything that troubles or ruins their plans. They're good at initiating or could also be good at fighting


> **Grade E** = **Unknown**: Unable to tell how they act or they're just mysterious.

:triangular_ruler: **Sizes & Appearance**

They mostly take the forms of skeleton like creatures or humanoids. Especially disfigured or crooked looking people with skeleton like faces. Some look like they've been horribly meshed up with other parts. They have dark/neutral colors like said and have either one or two primary/secondary colors to their aura/eyes/etc. If they have no color and just neutral ones, it'll hard to determine their strength.

> **Small/Medium** Mostly the tantou or wakizashi wielding skeletons snake like creatures or ones that have their lower legs merged with a spider like legs/body ( Which these spider guys can be bigger too ). Their strength can be weak but they are extremely fast and agile.


> **Medium/Big** The normal uchigatana and tachi wielders. They mostly take the form of humans that look like monsters or simply just dark samurais. Their strength is neutral but can be slow.


> **Tall/Large** Naginata, ootachi or yari wielding enemies that are the same as the one above. They have problems fighting indoors but have an advantage in attacking many due to their large weapon.


> **Gigantic** These are all types of weapon wielders but they have a gigantic form and probably have powerful strength. They're mostly the main boss and can be hard to defeat.

Other appearances/sizes/types of creatures/enemies exist but they will be explained in another part.

**Ranks will Be Explained in a Different Message, this one will be edited time to time since I've written this without drafts**

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